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Behringer DEQ2496

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Has anybody played around with the Behringer DEQ2496?




I'm thinking of getting one for room correction purposes. I wouldn't use it as a DAC, but just take digital in, let it do the room correction, then digital out.




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Yes I have.


It's not really a Digital Room Correction device. It's a parametric eq which can help with "room correction". It will do a great job if you use REW (Room Eq Wizard) and have some patience. If you want DRC you'll need something like a Copland DRC 205 or similar product. I still highly recommend acoustic treatments with a eq then a DRC.


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Works as advertised. I have removed mine since installing Amarra with EQ, which seems to do an ok job. You'll need some way to measure the peaks and valleys to tell how effective it is (or maybe how wrong your ears are). Overall, it's a cheap way to experiment with rc.


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Room eq wizard has a nice feature to automatically update the parametric eq settings over midi so they don't have to be entered manually on the unit.


The function to automatically generate eq settings is not as clever as hoped, basically for eq to counter room modes it should use very high Q filters, but it doesn't as it's only using frequency curve matching. So you need to know which peaks and dips are room mode and/or speaker boundary interference related.


Using parametric eq should be thought of as one of many tools that are available to improve bass response. To be really effective you need to understand why you are using it and what it can and cannot do.


It's also easier to alter the EQ in real time whilst pink noise is playing, which room eq wizard can't do.


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