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DR Meter question


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Sorry for a very basic question - I played a Tom Petty album in foobar and ran the dr meter and got an album peak rating of 0 with RMS of -16.5/16.9. What does this mean?

I'm trying to get my head around how to understand the readings for future application of replaygain for an entire mix folder.

If songs from this album (some of which, individually, had a peak of 0) was put in a mix folder what would that mean for my replaygain or volume normalzing settings if I'm trying to get them all around the same level.

I can't use tags as the Oppo 103 won't recognize them via hard drive so I have to directly apply it to the file (after saving a clean backup!).


Thanks for your help!

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when you scan songs for replay gain you can set it to scan multiple songs as a single album or not. when in song mode replay gain just sets levels relative to each other based on where you set the preamp. album mode takes the album tag into account and sets levels relative to each other separate from files with different album tags. Does that make any sense?

If I am anything, I am a music lover and a pragmatist.

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Thanks for the reply. I understand the difference between the two modes I'm just not sure what the zero means, in genereral.

Ie, does a reading of zero mean the track is as loud as it can be without clipping?

Also not sure what the RMS value is telling me and how to use that information if i want to level songs from other albums with it in a compilation.

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OK - still trying to understand. If I have two tracks that read -1 and -3 after running replaygain which is louder?


Is it -3 because that is the amount of dbs that need to be subtracted to get it to 89db (or whatever the reference is), meaning it is louder than -1.




Is -1 louder because it is closer to the ceiling, 0, than -3, thus, meaning it is louder than the -3 track?


I'm looking forward to an answer to this as I think I'll be able to get my head around the settings I'll need in replaygain to get volumes somewhat close in a folder of mixed tracks from different masterings/albums, etc...


Thanks for any help someone can offer:)

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I think -1 is louder as it's closer to the ceiling.


if you are trying to normalize a mixed folder I'd just put copies of all the songs you want in a folder and run replaygain in track mode against them all. that way it doesn't interfere with any previous RG tag info you might have.

If I am anything, I am a music lover and a pragmatist.

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