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Auralic 14th August 2016

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This is directed to everyone considering products from the Auralic range.


I recently purchased the Mini. It's one of the best pieces I've got in recent times. I have been into high end HiFi gear for many years and know quality like the back of my hand. For what it is I must say it's noting less then out standing, the DS app is flawless however the purpose of this note is to advise possible future owners of Auralic that you when you purchase a product that holds the Auralic brand you are not only purchasing something that works wonderfully as intended to without glitches, beautifully constructed and suited to the most of styled homes, software up dateable for the obvious, well priced, in fact hard to be price cost vs value I believe. BUT you get customer service. As I was setting up I required assistance many times, I can tell you Auralic is the best company I have dealt with for HIFI. The attention to detail in order to resolve problems is second to none. You deal with prompt, educated persons that take the time ensuring all bumps are quickly ironed. This is not about me, what I own etc this is my 100% genuine recommendation of Auralic as a Brand customer service I have been dealing with Christian from the EU and because of his attitude and detailed support I have 100% faith in the company and there for I recommend Auralic to all of my interested family and friends. If you are in the market for one of their products and are considering a competing brand I can assure you that you will be happy+ with the SQ, function, features, style and the customer service.


I can not speak highly enough when recommending Auralic.


By the way I have no financial connection to Auralic in any way shape or form nor have I ever met Christian from the EU in person.


Kind Regards


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Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. I'll check the AURALiC ALTAIR.

I believe the Forum is a great place to share your experiences with products and different brands both good and bad. You can never please everybody however I'm sure there's many people who agree with us. You buy a new car from company A something goes wrong you don't take it to company C to rectify it so for the people that don't value customer service highly enough sometime you may not know what you got till you need them and sometimes they're there in your face with calls and prompt emails until the sale is completed then they drop off and you may be left hanging in time of need however this is NOT the case with AURALIC and this is why I started this thread for the people out there who maybe up in the air about purchasing an AURALIC product or a competitor's product. Until you have dealt with a particular company you don't know and some people may not even consider this. All the best, happy listening

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How exactly do readers perceive Hi-Fi distribution ?


For example, some dozen years ago, I was curious about a EAR Yoshino product and directly contacted its founder/engineer Tim de Paravicini (who subsequently wrote back to me).

But so what if he didn't ? He could very well be immensely busy, of course, have hired immediate company help, appointed global distributors that designated local service agents and approved specialist dealers.

Indeed, poor service detracts from a brand as much as an impoverished relative devalues a family's name.

Thus, importantly, have we live amongst many people or with various Hi-Fi releases ?


And who believes these forums are but Audiophiles Anonymous ?



an accurate picture

Sono pessimista con l'intelligenza,


ma ottimista per la volontà.

severe loudspeaker alignment »




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