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Article: From Pearl Jam Playing Fenway Park To Blackwing Music and Willy Tea Taylor

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I was at the Sunday show - absolutely the best concert of the season for me! So much energy from the band and crowd - an experience unlike most concerts these days. Had 10C tix as well - although my show at Fenway and earlier this year at MSG, the seats weren't as good as yours (and I got shut out from the lottery for Temple of the Dog...). Can't wait for the official bootleg from these shows to appear on the PJ site. Tough area to get around, that neighborhood around Fenway. We drove in from CT so parking was quite the effort. Terrific event!


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Artisanal Pencil Sharpening


My students and I ordered a sweet looking pencil from David Rees a couple of years ago as a lark but now I sharpen my pencils with a knife too. :) It's relaxing.

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Hi Chris,


I'm not a Pearl Jam fan but I love that you are so passionate about their music and what they represent to you as a group of musicians. I use to feel the same way about "The Band" ... one time support group to Dylan.


I really enjoyed reading your blog and the fact that you made such an effort to capture your experience. You are such a great example of the rewards that are available to all who are prepared to get of their backside - whether that be to work hard (creating CA) or simply making the effort to get to a rock concert and sharing the experience .... it's our choice whether we sit on your arse or live and enjoy life. Well done!

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