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PS Audio Direct Stream DAC with Torreys Upgrade

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Is it just me or does anyone find Torreys a little sibilant and lean?


Don’t get me wrong, I liked it in its own way – there was more openness, inner detail, air and microdynamics were better, especially with strings and the way instrumental sounds layered and decayed. There was also sweetness in the upper mids that gave some vocals a pleasing lilting quality.


However, I missed the full bodied sound of the Cary DAC 200ts I compared it to and the slam it had. With the Cary, I could sense the physical presence of the vocalist with mass. With the DS, vocals reached out into the room naturally without that physical presence if you know what I mean.


At first I thought it was the tubes in the Cary but then I switched to the solid state output and it was the same. I understand from further reading that the AKM 4490EQ chip it uses is voiced for a full "velvet" sound.


Can anyone share their experience in terms of cables or tweaks for the DS to enhance midrange richness and body? I am using a Cardas Clear HS USB into a W4S Recovery and Curious Regen Link into the DS from an Auralic Aries. I'll give it a go before selling it.



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