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JRiver: Modifying GUI


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I have recently switched from iTunes to JRiver and I am very pleased with the latter. I am viewing all my music files on one of those wide screen monitors. I have all my albums as thumbnails with the tree down the left side. When I select an album to play, the tracks/titles etc. all appear at the bottom of the screen as that is the default. No matter how much research I do, I can't find a way to make the tracks/titles appear on the right of the screen, sort of on the opposite side to the tree etc. That would allow me to have the tree on the left, a large middle section with all the albums or artists, and the tracks/titles etc. as a column on the right. Seems like a good plan right? Especially since it is a wide screen monitor.


Anybody figured this out?


PS. Everything else working great in terms of sound, ease of use, appearance etc. Great player for using with a remote library. I keep all my files on an HDD with one central computer, and I can play all my music on computers in other rooms. Of course, a backup drive resides off site.

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