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Upsampling software Weiss SRACON Vs iZotope


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I have just compared the outcome of these 2 software on my speaker today and here is what i found.


SARACON is a linear phase filter and when compared to iZotope linear phase setting, the sound is similar. Detailed and yet quite smooth. When using iZotope minimal phase setting, the sound is even smoother but some how, I feel that it is over the top and become even artificial. I guess this is the apodized filter that many talks about these days.


Compared the price, iZotope is alot cheaper especially you can get it from Audio Engineering. One more thing is the after upsampling, you keep all your tags with iZotope but you have to manually re-tag EVERYTHING with SARACON. This "bug" along will push me more towards iZotope.





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