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Got my first pair of Beats!


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I visited the Apple Store yesterday to pick up a 12.9 inch iPad Pro and a Smart Keyboard. I serve on an editorial board, and we have recently switched from Microsoft SharePoint to Trello And Google Documents for sharing and reviewing documents, which means I no longer need to schlep my old HP laptop to and from board meetings.


Since I have a faculty appointment, I inquired about an educational discount. This only amounts to $20 off the price of the iPad, but Apple is currently running a "Summer Beats" promo, which means I got a free pair of Beats Solo2 wireless headphones with my purchase. I honestly haven't taken the things out of the box. I will probably just give them to my daughter, who is a high school swimmer. I noticed Missy Franklin rocking the same pair of headphones poolside at the Olympics, so she will probably appreciate them more than I will. :)

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