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No balance or channel EQ in iTunes, where next?


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I recently decided go down the headphone route to allow me to listen late at night without disturbing anyone. I wasn't in a position to audition any equipment so relied on reviews in this and other forums. After much deliberation I opted for pair of Senheiser HD800s and a Schitt Mjolnir2, these combined with my MacBook and WeissDAC2 should have given an excellent introduction to the world of headphones. After a short burn in period It became apparent that all was no well, I am accustomed to a well defined sound stage thanks to my Musical fidelity TriVista and Anthony Gallo reference 2.5's. However the same could not be said for the headphone setup, everything seemed to be skewed to the right hand side.

To cut a long story short it turns out the problem is my left ear, an audio gram reveals that while my hearing is generally good for my age (52) my left ear has a deficiency of around 5db from 500Hz all the way up to 19K, which is the high frequency limit of my aged ears. I do not think I ever noticed before as I was probably compensating by sitting to the left of the sweet spot.


Here is where I would like some advice, my current setup,


ITunes-Amarra-HiFi-Weiss DAC2-Mjolnir2


does not offer me any form of balance control let alone individual channel EQ. I am contemplating moving away from iTunes, rather than using trial and error to find the best solution I am looking for advice. Ideally I would like to be able to EQ the individual channels rather than just shift everything to one side. My left ear is not just 5db below my right across all frequencies, ideally I would like to use the audio gram results to create a custom EQ to compensate correctly.


I look forward to being able to hear my new purchases in all their glory.



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Are all audiophiles obsessive compulsives or is this just a Stereo Type? Yorkshire UK

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