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IPower with iUSB?


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I found an improvement with my iUSB when switching the original wall wart for the iPower. Thus, without knowing your DAC and it's power requirements, I would expect an improvement.

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I have the original iUSB power supply feeding my USB DAC.


Would the iPOWER add any improvement over the 9v wall wart provided, or would it be redundant?





Yes the iPOWER is even quieter than the original which was already nice and quiet.


However, for the outlay, while the iPurifier2 is more expensive, we suggest the iP2+iUSB (so one retains the original ULN power supply).


Yes it is more costly but the 'sonic returns' are more plentiful as this takes the iUSB to something close to the level of the iUSB3.0. We like to always bear in mind modular upgrades!



Our PowerStation is here: click me!


Check out our Tidal MQA Set-up Guides below. 
Android (Renderer) Mobile
Desktop (Decoder) via USB
Desktop (Decoder) via SPDIF

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