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How Music Got Free (book) by Stephen Witt

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Anyone else read this? I found it fascinating. It details the development of audio compression and streaming, the piracy and pre-release leaks this enabled, and the resulting collapse of CDs as format for music distribution. Who knew there was so much skulduggery involved in the development of compression algorithms? It's not written from an audiophile perspective, but very interesting nonetheless. (Plus, it prompted me to go back and purge my library of some old crap MP3s I was hanging onto from the Napster era!)


How Music Got Free: A Story of Obsession and Invention


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I found the description of the role and the personality of Dr. Brandenburg kind of awkward. Compared to the organized dealership of blockbusters and CD's. Both legal and illegal. Maybe he is a difficult personality, maybe Germans are particularly strange and dislikeable?

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