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Edge Electronics G2 - Brilliant Preamp, Superb Sound & Quality - A Steal At This Price

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Absolutely superb preamp in outstanding condition, virtually mint. Original cost was over $5k, steal this unit for $1.999.00!!! This beauty has won an Absolute Sound, Editor's choice award. When you use it plugged in to regular AC power it sounds great. When you use the 12-13 hour battery then the level of sound quality compares to many of the best solid state preamps available at any price.The G2 makes each instrument on a recording sound real, whether acoustic or electric, with astonishing clarity. The build quality of this preamplifier has to be seen to be appreciated. The massive sculptured aluminum chassis is incredibly impressive.

"The G2 battery powered preamplifier is quite an accomplishment. For the cost of just about any other mid-priced preamplifier, one gets to enjoy the advantages of powering the preamplifier off the electric grid. This not only eliminates a source of noise but distortion that can arise from AC thats traveled half way around town (and then some) before it ends up in the sensitive power supply of the preamplifier." By Tom Lyle - Enjoy the Music 2011


From Edge Electronics "in the October 2007 issue, the editors of The Absolute Sound have awarded Editors Choice awards to not one, not two ... but SEVEN of our products! The G2 preamp, the G3 integrated amplifier, and the G4, G8+, NL10.1, NL12.1 amps all received awards!"

As an additional note, this unit was just checked out by a technician with significant experience with Edge products, and given a perfect bill of health.I do not have the original packaging, but rest assured that it will be well and safely packaged. Note that this unit does not include the optional remote, which was extremely expensive, and rarely purchased.

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