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Synology 1513+ and Roon => issues with hi-rez files

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My system:

Synology 1513+ with 5x6TB in hybrid raid, single volume

USB (A-B) cable to Oppo 105

Roonserver installed and controlled via Ipad.


Whenever I play hi-res audio files (24/192 or DSD64), there are drop-outs and the system seems to be maxing out on resources.


When I play the same tracks via ethernet to the Oppo using the Oppo media control app on the Ipad, the files play flawlessly and neither CPU nor Ram are stressed in any way.


I know the Roon knowledge base recommends quad-core cpu and as much ram as you can get, byt my 1513+ which isn't THAT old has a dual core intel cpu and 4GB ram (the max supported). Am I looking at a new NAS purchase? And is there any indication that the 1515+ will perform better?


Also: if I move my drives across from 1513 to 1515, will I not lose all my data, this requiring first a backup of 17TB of data?

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i have the same hardware as you (in a synology 1813+ with 4GB Ram)

have a raid5 with a few HDs and running roon Server script 1.0 b1


roon endpoint is my aries.

Everything runs good with that hardware, no dropouts or NAS stressing

search function in a big collection of music could do a bit faster, but no big thing


if i had to buy a new NAS, i would take a Qnap with I5 or I7 cpu

but my Syno NAS does the job for the moment


roon ROCK on a NUC Dawsoncanyon

Metrum Acoustics AMBRE Streamer


XLR > ATC SCM45A pro

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