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How Do I Rip a 24/96 CD?


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Hey everybody,


How do I rip a 24/96 CD? That's right I said CD, not DVD-A or SACD. I usually rip all my CD's with EAC but it rips it in 44.1. I have the Whitesnake Here I Go Again Collection CD that is re-mastered in 24/96 and I want to rip it into my library in the high resolution? I tried it in DVD-A Explorer but it doesn't register b/c it is a CD and not a DVD-A.




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I could be missing something, but if it looks like a cd, plays like a cd (on a cd player), it probably is just that. there are plenty of remasters engineered in the studios at 24.96 or 24.192, etc, but then they are downsampled to redbook for the cd pressing. could of course be hi res wav files stored on a CD, but then it wouldn't meet redbook spec and play on cd players, would just be a cd rom.


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It's the wierdest thing, on the back it says remastered in 24/96 high resolution audio but it is indeed a CD. I played it and it does sound a little better, I have the original which is poor quality, but not that much better. I have never seen a 24/96 high resolution cd. I bought it on amazon and and according to the reviews people say it is far superior to the original and sounds fabulous. What am I missing?




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