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HOLO Audio Spring DAC - R2R DSD512

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On 8/2/2019 at 12:17 AM, Bimmer100 said:

Looks like you contacted us on Jan16th 2019. We replied jan 18th 2019 and again jan 22nd 2019 confirming a warranty claim and was preparing a replacement unit. We had never recirved any follow up emails from you so we figured maybe you the issue resolved itself as being something  else or if it persisted than you would have directly contacted us some time from Jan 2018 til now. Good thing I check these forums often. Our email response likely ended up in your junk folder or was overlooked?. However you could have tried to contact us again. 

If for any reason anyone contacts us and we don’t get back to you within a couple business days, just shoot us another email. We usually reply to 99.9% or all emails right away. In this case we still did, but must assume your junk mail folder caught this email. 


Your dac is still under 3 year warranty and you purchased it dec2017.  No worries. It’s a quick and painless process to get a replacement. It’s a very uncommon thing for this to happen. You actually were the 5th customer to purchase a cyan? And only a very small percentage of the first batch had a known issue that was quickly remedied and all other dacs are rock solid reliable. We replaced all dacs that had any issues. Looking forward to hearing from you.








Yes, thank you for some reason I didn't see the original response.

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