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Schiit Gungnir vs stock Mac inboard sound chip

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Do I have your attention?


I can't comment on this as


A) I've never auditioned the Gungnir...




B) ...I've never done any serious listening where an built-in Mac sound is involved...


but I ran across this Q & A on Amazon and thought I would share it with community and see if anyone agreed with the guy.


Here's the screenshot of the exchange:ImageUploadedByComputer Audiophile1469560357.008321.jpg

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I have a Mac and I have a Gumby. It replaced an Arcam rDac. I don't know what the deal is with the Gungnir but it makes music sound eerily different from what I am used to from years of listening to CD players and the rDac. What you get with the Gumby is a sense of timing that is unnervingly 'accurate'. I suspect it's the multibit part of the dac, but I don't know.

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I'm now consistently happy with my TEAC 501 that i HQP feed with DSD 128 whatever the source is ; however, when I first plugged it in, I found it less pleasant to listen to than my rMBP... It changed after burn in and rMBP's internal DAC can't do DSD 128.


Bottom line is that though I have extremely limited experience with DACs I don't feel keen to spend big money on that component, just enough to get DSD 128 output...

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