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Blue Coast Live at Newport 2016

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I wanted to let everyone know of an incredible release from Blue Coast records, Live at Newport 2016. The album starts off with 4 songs by Jenna Mammon, a woman with a voice to die for. I could sit and listen to her all day. With Alex de Grassi accompanying her, they truly make great music. Next up is Valerie Joyce with Marco de Carvalho. Once again great music. Keith Knight is next up with 5 incredible songs. Keith plays the guitar in such a passionate way that my foot was tapping away. These 12 songs are simply incredible.


However, it is the closer that makes this an incredible album. As stated in the newsletter Cookie coaxes Meghan Andrews to join Keith Knight for a cover of Townes Van Zandt's "Waiting Around to Die". The guitar playing, the singing and the song make for an absolute wonderful piece to listen to. If you have heard Townes' version, this one may top it. That is hard to say because the original is just so good. If you haven't find the original and you can imagine how good this is.


As always, Cookie's recording is exceptional. All in all, a great recording, great artists and wonderful song. I highly recommend getting this recoding.


The album is not yet available for sale just yet, but if you spend $40 or more at Blue Coast you can get it now. Follow this link for details.


1) Inner Smile - Jenna Mammina & Alex de Grassi

2) Throw It Away - Jenna Mammina & Alex de Grassi

3) Pictures and Paintings - Jenna Mammina & Alex de Grossi

4) In Your Eyes - Jenna Mammina & Alex de Grassi

5) The Shadow of Your Smile - Valerie Joyce & Marco de Carvalho

6) My Romance - Valerie Joyce & Marco de Carvalho

7) My One and Only Love - Valerie Joyce & Marco de Carvalho

8) Just Let Go - Keith Knight

9) 99 - Keith Knight

10 Calypso - Keith Knight

11) Jim Reilly - Keith Knight

12) Parchman Farm - Keith Knight

13) Waiting Around to Die - Meghan Andrews & Keith Knight


Blue Coast Live at Newport 2016 - Cover.jpg

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