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Laptop power supplies


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First of all I believe this is my first thread start. So hello everyone. I have been enjoying your forums for a few months.


Anyway I know everyone talks about the power supplies being very important. I want to know where I can get a power supply that is capable for my laptop? I have already did searches and can't come up with an answer. Are upgraded power supplies even made for a laptop? Can something like that be diyed? Seems like it would be easy enough.


Just send me some links to get me started. I am coming up empty.





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Yes there are a few aftermarket power supplies made for laptops and yes they can be made via DIY but they generally make no audible difference. The real problem is that the power supply for a laptop is not just the little box, there is another power supply inside the unit which seems to be what is really doing all the harm. In theory running off a battery should be just as good as a high end power supply and yet most laptops either sound no different when on their battery or even worse. This is the true indicator that the problem is not the power supply on the outside, instead it's circuitry on the inside.

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