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MPD-5 - Playback Designs DAC

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I am very familiar with the Playback Designs unit. Strangely enough I've never been able to hear it in a good setting. A lot of people I know really like it. In fact Andreas Koch attended the Computer Audiophile Symposium in Berkeley so I had a chance to speak with him about his products. I like his ideas and think his approach is very valid.


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I have one. It works great as a format converter, outputs a very good digital signal, a nice upgrade when inserted between my hotrodded Weiss AFI1 and my digital amp. I suppose it must be at or near the top of the heap in this regard. Notice that its digital out takes full advantage of its jitter reduction method (inverse jitter injecting, as it were).


As a DAC, well, I prefer Steve Nugent's Overdrive.


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The DAC is identical to the player... just minus the Esoteric transport. Quite wonderful and as close to my analog rig playing the best LPs

I have... here that is. But then to each their own... there are no 'one-size-fits-all' components in audio.


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