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Exasound play point

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To date, the PlayPoint only works with exaSound DACs. I've seen exaSound personnel mention that they want to open it up to third-party DACs at some point, but AFAIK, no dice so far.


I was kind of interested in the PlayPoint for a while because it's a good way to use a Linux-based HQPlayer NAA to do native DSD with an exaSound E22 DAC, which I think presents a very good value for the money. However, I think it's unfortunate that the E22 won't do native DSD with third-party Linux-based NAA's, and I also think the PlayPoint is kind of expensive if one just wants to use it as an HQP NAA.


If you're not going to be getting an exaSound DAC, I'd recommend a Sonore Sonicorbiter SE or microRendu over the PlayPoint.


Just my opinion, FWIW.



Listening Room: Mac mini (Roon Core) > iMac (HQP) > exaSound PlayPoint (as NAA) > exaSound e32 > W4S STP-SE > Benchmark AHB2 > Wilson Sophia Series 2 (Details)

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