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Audio MIDI problem


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for some reason I cannot get speaker-Schiit USB Audio Device to register as the 'use this device for sound output' the megaphone symbol only works with Sonic Stream it won't change if I double click the Speaker-Schiit Device and the 'mute' box is checked in the larger box to the right of the list inputs/outputs and I can't unmute it(for the Schiit Device)

everything else works the sound is still being processed by my Schiit Gungnir because if i shut the Schiit off the music dies

this has happened since I added Audirvana 2+

any suggestions as how to correct this?-if i turn sonic stream sq+ amarra for tidal and A+ all off as well as Qobuz and TIDAL the speaker-schiit USB Audio Device works(ie registers as output device) but will revert to the sonic stream as the 'output device' as soon as I use one of the above

it is annoying-i tried to listen to some 24/96 songs on a site called Bandwagon and the music only came through my macmini built in output speaker(s)

any help would be appreciated

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