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Inconsistent Hi-Res Quality

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I've bought hundreds of dollars worth of hi-res recordings from HDTracks. Often to upgrade Redbook recordings I already own. I've found the quality of the hi-res recordings to be inconsistent. Frequently, the original Redbook recordings are superior. Case in point is Bob Dylan's Blood On The Tracks. I think anyone who compares the hi-res to the Redbook will find the Redbook clearly superior. I have a discerning 20+K system using ATC active studio monitors and a Bricasti M1 SE DAC.


I realize this issue has everything to do with the label's remastering and transfer process and not HDTracks. Still, is there any way we can download a 40 to 60-second sample of the tracks in hi-res in order to determine the quality before purchase? Or have unbiased reviews of the recording quality published on the site? I've been burned so many times with inferior hi-res recordings that I have stopped purchasing downloads unless I have confirmation from other sources that the recordings are good. For music that I don't already own, I'll buy the CD from Amazon and rip it myself.


I'd say this issue has cost you at least a thousand dollars worth of purchases from me, and I'd imagine others feel the same way. Allowing us to know of the quality before download might also force the record companies to actually care about the hi-res product they release.


In my subjective opinion, this is an issue blocking the critical path of your company's success.

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Agree that HDTracks may be the "most popular offender" though I see the problem as one that's at the root of "what's wrong with HiRes audio." I've been "burned" from various suppliers. The best defense I know of at this point is to require info on the provenance of files being considered for purchase.

Can't say I'm a fan of MQA (yet) but it does purport to address some of the issues. There needs to be REAL progress on this issue. After feeling that I've thrown away too many of my music buying $$ I have established a personal moratorium on new purchases .... I've "violated" it a few special cases, though I've cut back my purchases drastically.


I agree. This isn't HDTrack's fault, but they can choose to be part of the solution but so far they're not. For example, something as simple as customer reviews would be a step in the right direction.


I'm sure there are some labels that are consistently good, mostly jazz and classical I presume. But when you purchase popular music, new or reissue, the odds are better at the blackjack table.

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There are 2 at acoustic sounds: the original Sony - which I have and think is very good; and the MFSL - which I haven't heard but I'm sure is also great.


Thanks, I just purchased the Columbia/Legacy DSD at acoustic sounds. It definitely is better than the 24/96. Unfortunately, I

didn't see any mobile fidelity downloads.

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