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Article: McIntosh Group - Sardinia, Italy 2016

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I have always been an Audio Research fan since my early days in this "hobby". I now have a REF10, replaced my REF250 with a REF75 and when the GS150 was first released my dealer/friend asked me if I would break it in. It never left my house. IMHO, the best amp ARC has ever made. Unfortunately, the first amps they shipped had some noisy transformers some of which failed, which mine did over a year later. I was worried their "old school" repair and turnaround and my worries were for nought. They paid for both pickup and return, by special delivery on a palette with replacement of the faulty transformer and all updates including replacing some caps and changing the front switches. It sounds better than ever.


I am glad the takeover has left ARC intact and left to their old school way now with a design team (some don't like) from Italy. While I think the REF10 is an amazing piece, no ARC product has ever wowed me like their GS150

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Those ARC factory videos were fun. Would like to see the behind the scenes making of the SF16.


I agree. I was extremely impressed by those videos and quite frankly surprised. Warren really is the "ears" which I always thought was hype and the methodology which includes by "objective" and "subjective" evaluation was a lesson to those on that other thread. Those videos were incredibly refreshing and made me less "angry" when I had to send back my GS150. ARC has always been one of my favorite companies to deal with.

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Digital: 2010(!) Mac Mini Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz ; L2 Cache: 3 MB; Memory:8 GB > Roon > HQ Player (polysinc, NS9 upsampling PCM to 192 kHz) > Airport Extreme > Blue Jeans USB cable > Sonore MicroRendu (in NAA mode w/ Sonore DC-4 > LPS-1) > Benchmark HGC DAC2 > Naim Nait XS / Naim Flatcap XS > Naim Naic cables > Spendor A5s or Sennheiser HD600s.

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