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Wins2012R2 or Wins10?


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My current setup i use win2012R2now


My problem is I can't use roon on 2012R2. Now i'm considering between keep going on 2012 + audio optimizer 2.0 and turning to win10 + fidelizer (no audio optimizer)


The reason that i want to change OS to Wins10 is i don't know what is gonna happen next with 2012R2 because of its flexibility and compatible to some new upcoming softwares like roon, for example.


Do you think it is a good idea to change my os from 2012 to 10?



DAC - Mytek Brooklyn, Intona High Speed Isolator.Int.Amp - ATC SIA2 150,SP - ATC SCM19, Sub - Paradigm SW2200

Source - Audio PC, Core i7 4785T 2.2Ghz, 8G PPA RAM, Samsung 850pro , WD Black HDD, JCAT USB card, PPA BLACK SATA Cable, HDPLEX H5 gen2 case, LPSu - Uptone JS-2 for DAC and USB Card - TeraDak ATX350W for PC, OS wins2012R2, Audio Optimizer, Fidelizer Pro, ASIO JPLAY, Foobar2000+Ramdisk, Hq player, SP cable - JPS superconductor2, Analog interconnect - Harmornic Tech Magic link III, USB cable - JCAT twin cable, Power cable - JPS kaptivator for Uptone JS-2 forDAC and USB card, Wireworld electra7 for PC, Wireworld electra7 silver for Amp, Magnet 2000 power line stabilzer and conditioner for DAC,PC


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