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Deezer Elite $$ going up

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Because of a card/account glitch I had to sign backup through SONOS for Deezer Elite. They offered me a year for a good deal instead of monthly rate. I took it. I noticed that after a year my rate jumps by %25. I suppose this is due to the recent changes in royalties. I know Paradise Radio has gotten much more aggressive funding request as well.


The original rate of 15$/month was about my limit. Gonna be interesting to see what my attitude is when my introductory offer ends and the rate jumps.


I like DEEZER Elite.




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Is Deezer elite still only Sonos for lossless streaming?


I dont think you can stream lossless with an Apple or Android iphone can you?


I think it is. Elite (16bit/44Khz) FLAC. Exclusive deal with SONOS and maybe a few other home streaming device manufactures.


So in my opinion if you have been toy'n with trying Deezer Elite, now be da time.

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