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Battery Power Supply for USB Regen or microRendu

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So I bought a microRendu and ordered a new PSU that was back order. While waiting I decided to experiment with battery power. I assembled the parts to create a Lithium Ion battery that could power either the microRendu or USB Regen. It sounded great on both. Certainly better than the power supply that comes with the USB Regen. It also had a nice, forward, fairly smooth sound for the microRendu. It was similar to the 9v iFi iPower. except smoother, less harsh.


The PSU is 7.4v, 4.4Ah. Per a post by John Swenson (where I got the idea to create the battery psu) this should power a USB Regen for over 80 hours and a microRendu for 20 hours without needing a charge. I've never used it long enough for it to require a charge.


The battery pack is designed to never completely drain (leaving 2%) so it doesn't brick. The charger has a sensor that stops charging when the battery is full, and an LED that indicates when it's charging (red) and when it's stopped (green). The battery pack is configured with an adapter enabling connection to the microRendu or USB Regen, or most any other wall-wart powered device.


It's a week old and I no longer need it. Now that the experiment is over, I thought someone might find good use for it. It cost me about 3 weeks and $65 to assemble the parts. If anyone wants it I think $50 sounds about right.





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