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Hello. I converted my CD/SACD's years ago to digital files. My problem is I have a bunch of LP's/LP sets I have purchased over the years as I could not find suitable sounding CD/SACD's of same titles. Only one set is my must have music though - the excellent Mosaic 4-LP set Clifford Brown & Max Roach which is must for the serious Jazz lover. In past bought four versions of this title on CD and the sound sucked on all of them regardless what some of those reviewers say on amazon.com. Does anyone know where I can get a LP Boxset converted to digital files professionally so the sound is optimal quality. I am disappointed in the LP to Digital devices I have seen being sold to do the job. I no longer own a stereo (downsized due to retirement/finances. I no longer own a CD/SACD player, a turntable. I listen to music through notebook + JRiver with a portable DAC and some quality headphones plus I have a nice DAP and IEM's for listening to music on the go. Intend to keep the Mosaic Boxset as backup source if I ever lose the digital files, besides that you never know if decent quality LP set of your favorite recordings will ever be released in the future.

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