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MediaMonkey, .wav rips, and bursts of white noise.

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Newby here! Been lurking for awhile, and I'm

finally making an attempt to set up a music server. I've got a new custom

build PC running Vista64 while I wait for my Windows 7 upgrade. I've

followed along with Chris' latest articles on Windows 7 and CD ripping. I'm

using dbpoweramp for my rips and Mediamonkey for my playback app. I'm

ripping to .wav as Chris suggests, and I'm using a Lynx AES16 outputting to

the AES/EBU port on a Bryston BDA-1. I've installed the ASIO version 0.67

drivers in MM as well. Everything sounds great except that I'm getting a

burst of white noise at the end of every track right before it changes to

the next track. I've tried changing versions of MM (tried both

and, disabled the playback options Crossfade and Level Playback

Volume, tried ripping without the Replay Gain (Apply) dsp, and tried both

versions of the ASIO .dll as well as the WaveOut output .dll (V2.0.2a).

Nothing seems to make a difference; I still get a burst of white noise at

the end of each track. I've even run a couple of .wav tracks through

Goldwave, but I don't see/hear anything at the end. The only time I don't

get the burst of noise is when I fast-forward a track in MM to near the end

and then let it play out at normal speed; no noise?!? The MM forums say

that there was an issue with .wav files, but it was supposed to be fixed in

an older release. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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