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A few months ago, I proposed to start an online petition to ask Devialet to do something about the AIR-problem.

While a lot of people were enthusiastic, one of you reacted and proposed to explain to Devialet what I intended to do before starting the petition.

I did that. I opened a case and explained what I intended to do. I also asked a very simple question : give me a PC-system (make and model) that will work.

We are five months later now, and I haven't received a meaningful answer yet. At first they asked a lot of info : I used to be system and networks engineer so I provided them all the info, and more. After that : nothing.


Three weeks ago, I again warned support that I would take action. Again I was promised a response, not a solution, but a response. Needless to say that no response materialized. Please click the line if you agree. If you have suggestions or remarks, please feel free.

My intention is to post the petition at every review for the new products they will be announcing, something I've warned them about.

If you want to get involved, send me a PM. I feel lonely smile.gif


I really wanted to avoid this : I simply want to be happy with my purchase, purchase a second one to upgrade the config etc.








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