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Reversing left/right channels (offline or real time)?

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I have a CD that was mixed....poorly: the right and left channels are reversed. How do I know? It's a live album and the musicians on stage are reversed from the video (and the previous 20 years of live albums from this band). It really takes away from my enjoyment of the disc.


What options are available to fix the FLAC I've ripped from this CD. I'm ok with either offline to flip the channels in the FLAC file, or in real time at playback (hopefully Roon).



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Izotope RX (I think any version) will reverse channels very easily. Not sure whether you can get a trial version for free. If you can't find some software that does, you can always switch your left and right cables when you play that album. If you get desperate, I can switch channels for you if you send me a jump drive.



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YES! SoX was what i was looking for. Thank you!!!!


Are there any realtime player solutions (ie, it reads an ID3 tag and knows to just do the swap on the fly)?


I think Foobar will do it with a DSP plugin, and I'm pretty sure JRiver MC will do it. But I may be misremembering.

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I'm pretty sure JRiver MC will do it


Just open the DSP Studio > Parametric Equalizer > Add > Order channels... > And just drag the channels into whatever order you want.


And of course turn the Parametric Equalizer on and the order channels effect on.


If you wanted to get fancy, you could save that DSP profile as one and save a normal one as another one. Then set the DSP tag for the files so it would automatically load the right profile.

Matt Ashland, JRiver

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