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Room Correction Software For Mac

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Hi, I using a minimalist set up: Mac Laptop, Wavelength DAC with volume control, and active speakers. I wondering if there is room correction software available for my Mac? I'm asking cuz I don't really want to add another component to my system. Plus, I don't think there's any room correction components that will sit between my Mac and DAC and use USB connections, which I think is the ideal placement. Thanks!


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.. was easy to find, searching Google. Hello, Sammie and welcome to Computer Audiophile! I have never considered correcting a room's characteristics with software. So I did the search and got this page:


Lots of information available..... It appears that at least one is available for Mac. That is the ARC from IK multimedia. This is stated to be a "Plug In", which typically means that on the Mac it would be an "AU" type file (Audio Units). For PC, they could also be of the file type "VST" (Virtual Studio Technology) among others. These are designed to be used in conjunction with Digital Audio Workstation software. They are not stand alone programs. No computer music player program that I know of, iTunes or any other, will use these type files. I suppose that Garage Band would let you use it as a plug in signal processor though. You would have to drop individual AIFF or WAV files into tracks in Garage Band to make it work for you - not ideal.


Now looking around some and also thinking about what you are actually trying to do, I don't really believe that software is the way to go for this. Read the wikipedia page, especially the letter at the bottom from Lars Tofastrud. tend to agree with his assessment of what is possible with software in principle. http://www.duffroomcorrection.com/wiki/Room_correction_limits


Maybe someone here has had some experience with this sort of software and will chime in with a differing opinion though.




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I do have some experience with sound modulation software, namely in "correcting" piano samples, but that is probably not of relevance in this particular case.


Sammie, may I ask why you are looking for a software solution rather than a hardware solution (in form of wall panels, bass traps, etc.)? As far as I understand, no software can satisfactorily remove reflections, booms and other artifacts created by the room. In my opinion, room treatment is the second most important component of a stereo system, next to speakers.


Best - MM


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Well, aesthetics mostly. My system is in our small living room with speakers close to the wall. I can't just go adding bass traps, etc....there's no room.


I incorrectly believed room correction software was fairly effective. So, thanks to those who've answered so far. Maybe in our next house, I can concentrate more on hardware for the room.


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Moving the speakers away from the walls might already give you a much improved sound. I realize that this may mean moving the speakers so much into the room that they might become a nuisance to get around. However, you could move them in only when you are listening seriously and move them back afterwards. Best - MM


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I agree with markr and MM. Outside of the difficulty in finding something that works, I have had limited success using any kind of EQ, usually for subs, to address room issues. I have done hundreds of setups and the physical properties of the room and the position of the speaker are awfully hard to overcome, especially if the problems are substantial. We used to do a thing where, on carpet, we would determine the proper positioning and then use a needle and little bit of thread and put a few loops of contrasting color to mark where the left front and right rear corner of the speaker should be. You couldn't see the thread if you weren't looking for it and you could have the speakers properly placed for critical listening almost instantly.


Good luck. Hey, markr, you mentioned Garage Band. I have never played with it, and I don't want to hijack this thread but I was interested in your opinion. If you are open to a few questions, maybe Chris could give you my email address.




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Thanks for the heads-up on "Play", Peter! I've got to go try that with some of my plugins now.....


Rick, I got your email address from Chris & fired off an email to you so that we can take this off-line..




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@solidsqual -


In the newest version (you may have an earlier one) of Clayton’s Spatial computer audio system, a very specially built OEM / Spatial version of our Pure Vinyl software is at the heart, used with a room correction AU plug-in and Pure Vinyl's crossover feature for bi- or tri-amping (and sometimes other EQ plug-ins, which can be applied selectively to only the subs, for instance). (Pure Music also has crossover and plug-in support.) Clayton performs all system set-up, for a turn-key, high end computer audio installation. The inputs of the audio interface are used as a “virtual” line-level preamp / analog source (tuner, tape, etc.) switcher, and these sources automatically benefit from the room correction / crossover, etc. (The switching feature will be included in a free Pure Vinyl update, which should be posted later this week.)


Rob Robinson

Channel D



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I was actually using an older version of your Pure Vinyl system. Clayton currently has my computer and is upgrading the system to a custom version of Pure Vinyl that you recently released to him. I'm really excited about the changes I have discussed with Clayton, especially the new menu system that allows you to quickly and simply select between multiple sources. I'm really impressed with how you've tailored your program to accommodate the requirements of Clayton's room correction software.


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IMO nothing replaces setting up your system properly in the physical world. Room correction is not meant to allow you place your speakers anywhere in the room and subsequently compensate for weaknesses in placement so as to create the sound of well-placed speakers. Room correction is a tweak that capitalizes on the sound of a well-placed speaker by addressing room and equipment peculiarities that cannot be corrected by placement alone.


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