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Could use some help with purchasing a pair of Sennheiser HD 630 VB, need anything like an amp?


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So I am pretty new to the high end (or mid-end?) headphones scene and I want to make sure I get everything needed so these headphones can perform to their best. I saw a little bit on Amps and Stacking kits and I'm wondering if I will need an Amp and a stacking kit. I honestly don't know a whole lot about the need for the Stacking kit (I know a bit about the amp) but I need some advice.


I am mostly going to be using the Sennheiser 630s for Music recording (Midi and Keyboard workstation) as well as movies (Ps4 wireless controller). I probably will be buying a pair of Sennheiser GameZeros as well for gaming (if the 630s don't need too much expensive equipment to go with them) but we will see.


So I'd like ya'lls opinions on what to get with these (if anything). Any help?


A bit off topic: Is it going to be very costly to get a new cord put on these (via sending them to sennheiser) if it rips or shorts out? That's the number one complaint I have seen with these online.

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It appears that the cable is not removable. If you're worried about that, buy a different headphone. At that price there are better headphones. Given all of the odd gear you intend to use it with, it seems like that gear will drive the headphone and any amps you buy wouldn't likely work with all that gear anyway.

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