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Wyred 4 Sound Recovery with Audio Sensibility Statement Silver USB cable loop including custom 200mm link

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Initially bought to improve my USB audio chain to DAC, but decided to go with ethernet directly to my Hegel amp in the end due to simplicity.

The improvements made introducing the Recovery were stunning to say the least. But the Audio Sensibility USB cables took everything to another level. If I ever decide to go USB again in the future, I will not hesitate to buy AS cables. I had been using Curious cable loop and was unimpressed. To me the cost did not justify the modest improvements. I had Steven at AS make me a custom, yes custom, short 200mm link to run from Recovery to the DAC, with a 90-degree "bend" for optimal Recovery placement. Build quality on cables are great. AS cables are often referred to as "best-bang-for-buck" cabling option. In my opinion, they provided me with a more musical, engaging listening experience compared to the Curious loop.

Anyway, I hate to sell this kit, but the Recovery and cables are sitting collecting dust. They should be in someone's USB chain ASAP.



Wyred 4 Sound Recovery, with about 20 hours on it (original packaging)

Audio Sensibility Statement Silver USB Cable (Type A-B) 1.2m Store + Audio Sensibility

Audio Sensibility Statement Silver USB Cable (Type A-B) custom 200mm


Free shipping CONUS

All in $400 (originally paid $200 for Recovery and $400 for cables)

Pics up soon!

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RUR and 200mm cable sold.


1.2m USB cable still available.



Hi, I'd like to buy the cable and I'm in Toronto M6G 3E3. What would you ask for the cable and simple/economical shipping?

Thanks for your attention, Karl

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