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Need help with some recommendation of speakers for Desktop use

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hi im here looking for recommendations for a good bassy pc speaker

i need something that is bassy, has bluetooth or can add a bluetooth receiver. ( i want to play music from my phone on my bed sometimes and not leave the phone on my desk )

is just 2 pieces as i do not have space to place a box subwoofer.

thanks in advance! try to recommend me something that can be bought on amazon... ( have credits there )

my budget is about 100-300 usd





i am using a MSI Z170A M5 Gaming motherboard which has some HD audio thingy if that makes any difference...


please use layman terms as i am very very very new to audio stuffs

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It is better to start only one thread per topic.


Here is what I recommend, although it won't be "bassy" in the Bose sense. It is also a bit more ($500), but quite good quality:


Vanatoo powered speakers: my experiences - Blogs - Computer Audiophile


For Bluetooth, this would be worth checking out:


Wireless Bluetooth Music System - deepblue2 | Peachtree Audio



i need a 2 pc system because its for my desktop.


what about the jbl 305? someone told me to get that but how do i plug that into my pc setup instead of a studio setup?

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the jbl lsr305s take an analog input. i would go usb to a dac with a volume control to lsr305s.

main rig:  simaudio moon mind 2 > chord dave > parasound jc-5 > kef reference 1
second rig:  simaudio moon mind 2 > chord qutest > luxman sq-n150 > klipsch heresy 1
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the jbl lsr305s take an analog input. i would go usb to a dac with a volume control to lsr305s.


what is an analog input?

what is a usb to dac with volume control?


sorry im really new to this. please show me the item on amazon

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A DAC is a digital to analogue converter. Both of the suggestions I posted have it built in. You can buy these things on Amazon, but you are in reality buying from the manufacturer anyway, just via an Amazon front end.


There is a lot of info on this website to introduce you to the various aspects of computer audio, including what a DAC is, for example. Just take a look around the website.


Here is a beginner's guide I wrote (very mac-centric)

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