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Lutoslawski Piano Concerto - Zimerman / Rattle DG (24/96)

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Purchased today from Qobuz (see also here: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f13-music-downloads-and-streaming/special-discount-some-great-dg-highres-albums-qobuz-28871/#post551663)




Musiscope plot looks legit (with a weird cut-off around 45.5 kHz).


Excellent dynamic range, 13-19, with most tracks around 17.


Sounding much better than the average DG fare.

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Thanks! I've been planning to get this for a while.


Why is the file name in the Musiscope screenshot called "01-01-Sergei_Rachmaninov-1_Moderato-SMR.m4a_report.png"? Is it the correct one?



No, that's Sviatoslav Richter's remaster i bought in parallel.


I'll post the correct one later today.

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