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New to DSD64 - Audirvana question


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Just got my new/used Ayre QB-9 DSD (bought from a CA member!) and got my first DSD64 download, Mozart Violin Concertos on Pentatone


When I play the files in A+ under Preferences / Active Audio Device, I see in green 44.1 through 192 but DSD64 .... etc is greyed out. The playback info does state 64DSD file playing. The Ayre front panel reads 176.


So is it streaming DSD or converting to 176 PCM ?


Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 8.13.23 AM.png


WD 1TB —> MacMini —> Ayre QB-9 DSD —> PrimaLuna DL5 —> Monitor Audio S10

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Let's see your Audio Filters settings.

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Set Native DSD Capacity to DoP 1.1

Roon client on iPad/MacBookPro

Roon Server & HQPlayer on Mac Mini 2.0 GHz i7 with JS-2

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Thanks, that did it.


Nice Tube Amp, mnauta.


Let us know what you think of DSD with Tube Amps in the Lampise your DSD thread!

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