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Beolab 9 and 3 Speakers

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Have been looking at these two as replacements for the wife unfriendly Monitor Audios - particularly the Beolab 9 s that have garnered a good clutch of reviews; which they should for the price.


What do people think?


Ever Yours, tog


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Our local audio club had a demo of the Beolab 5 by one of its designers, Manny LaCarrubba, 5 years ago when the speaker was introduced. It had extraordinary dynamic range, with absolutely no change in character between soft and louder than I could tolerate. However, instead of the clarity prized by most audiophiles, it had a constant overlay of fuzziness.


It's possible B&O improved the electronics since then to reduce or eliminate the fuzziness. I imagine it is technically challenging to have a DAC with an ultra stable clock in close proximity to a high power amp.


HQPlayer (on 3.8 GHz 8-core i7 iMac 2020) > NAA (on 2012 Mac Mini i7) > RME ADI-2 v2 > Benchmark AHB-2 > Thiel 3.7

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