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TEAC UD-501 and Windows 10

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I've used TEAC UD-501 connected to a Win 7 computer for a couple of year now and it has worked great.

I bought a new computer last week with Windows 10 and after a while I got the Teac Asio driver to install and work.

So far I have installed Foobar and Teac HR Audio Player and both stop playing (hang) after a while. The time when it's happend depends on the resolution of the audio files. It feels to me that there are something going on with the buffer handling? Are there anything I can do to resolve this. I have a i7-5820K CPU, 32 GB RAM, ASUS X99 mobo, Nvidia Quadro M4000 GPU, no soundcard is installed but there are on-board audio on mobo.


Any suggestion is most appreciated.


Ulf Widen, Sweden

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I'm not a windows person, but I do know recent versions of OS X have over-aggressive energy conservation functionality (which can be over-ridden). If you have optical or coax out, it might be worth testing with that, to see if there is anything else going on (driver incompatibility for the USB, for example).

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