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Which software players can stream Tidal in bit perfect?

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I use Bitpferfect with Itunes. Bit perfect has to "know" which tunes are coming up next to load them into RAM and play them "Bitperfectly".


From what I now, Bitperfect cannot function this way with Tidal. It gives playback back to iTunes (not bit perfect). Are there any players that can load tunes into RAM and play them back bit perfectly through Tidal?


I ask, because of this post on Audiostream.com


I asked a very good question in another story about MQA; who will rebuy their music? It would cost me very conservatively in the 5 figures (around 25,000$ US dollars) to rebuy my music in MQA at an average price of 20-25$ per album. And a lot of people have music collections that DWARF mine!

It seems I am out of the loop. Just subscribe to Tidal. Well, I have a few problems with Tidal. The software I use (Bitperfect) cannot function with Tidal. It releases the playback back to iTunes. I don't know if the other players like JRiver, Amarra, etc can stream Tidal with their decoding engines. If someone could answer that, I would appreciate it.

But I keep hearing that Tidal is great with Roon... I don't want Roon. Roon is like the special features on Blu Ray I never use! I am watching a movie, and I could go online to find out things about the movie making process while watching the movie, etc. I NEVER do that! When I watch a movie, I WATCH it!. When I listen to music, I PUT DOWN the iPad and listen! Roon is out for me.

But it seems (according to some reviewers), that Roon is pretty much needed for optimal Tidal integration.

Then there is MQA... Of course MQA does not want you to rebuy your music. They will be in Tidal. It brings us full circle.

Roon-Tidal-MQA. There it is, the Syndicate of 3.

Draw your own conclusions.


Full disclosure: That guy on Audiostream is me. If I am wrong, I would like for people to explain this to me. I would love to keep my existing software (Bitpferfect and iTunes) and stream Tidal through Bitperfect and keep the bitperfect chain of loading the songs in RAM.


And, if Tidal one day has MQA files , I want the same quality I have now without changing software providers (Bitperfect and iTunes) or my hardware. I would also want to know what percentage of my monthly fee is Redbook and MQA?

I consider these to be VERY reasonable questions. Like you, I spend my money on these things.

Read more at How Much MQA Is Enough? | AudioStream

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XXHighEnd does. It plays the Tidal tracks 100% equal as if you had your own rips stored on disk somewhere.

Notice that XXHighEnd is Windows. Also, it is not allowed to use Tidal when in Demo Mode.

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Check out Amarra for Tidal http://www.sonicstudio.com/amarra/aft.php and the very popular HQ Player http://www.signalyst.com/consumer.html as well (works with Tidal) that many people are using through NAA (Network Audio adapter) with the new Sonore microRendu streamer http://www.microrendu.sonore.us.

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