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PMC AML1 speakers

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yep, interesting reading, i appreciate the dynaudios would be limited simply due to their size, i think the sub 250 would have to be used to compliment them.


had a look at those paradigm, certainly an option but would prefer something better looking and perhaps without a rear firing port as i will be placing these close to the wall.

so is the focal solo frequency range any good? not being from an audio background, these numbers dont mean anything to me. in an ideal world i would simply go for a demo and decide, however its not an option at mo, work commitments and lack of dealers that stock equipment like this, being the reason.

Im gleaning as much info from this site and from reviews to make an informed decision on kit to buy, to acheive a high end sound for mid range money if thats at all possible!


PS Audio Quintet, PS3, Laptop/Mediamonkey/XP, PS Audio DLIII DAC, Cyrus Pre Vs2, 6 Power, B&W 685

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I would not offer more than 800$ for the speakers, even though those appear to be in good shape. You can find 40's for 1.5k, but you'd have to be patient. The only caveat with the 20's are people claim it clips at 95 db. So the question becomes, how often do you listen to music over 90db? I listen to music between 70-80, rarely over, and even that is loud for me. Of course I have grey hair, and i'm not throwing a dorm party this weekend, so keep it in mind.


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Yes they appear to have a front slot port, not sure if this is some transmission line design similar to pmc's or just a vent! thanks for your help, i may just have to take a gamble on em!! with the focals also and ps audio kit, they can be hooked up with xlr cables all the way through so possibly another benefit, although i have never done side by side tests, just going off the general concensus that they are superior to rca cables. my only concern with going toward actives is, are they more overbearing or bright compared to hifi speakers?


PS Audio Quintet, PS3, Laptop/Mediamonkey/XP, PS Audio DLIII DAC, Cyrus Pre Vs2, 6 Power, B&W 685

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If you find any other small box speakers worth looking at, post away. The focals appear to use a passive radiator system to vent out the front bottom, perhaps it improves on the rear port issues. The focals are a nice choice, since you give these nearfields more room than normal they should extend below 40 somewhat for you. My fear is that 40hz won't be enough for you, since my aml1's are rated down to 32 and I notice notes being rolled off that I would prefer to hear. That being said, you can't get much below 30 hz with a tiny box under any circumstances. Whereas with the paradigms you could sell them for what you bought it for if you don't like them, that might be tougher with the focals. Always keep that in mind in wonderful economies like this. Maybe you could find those focals used, that would be a score, and less risky. In response to your questions about characteristics of actives, they are forward, in your face, and I do adjust the treble down and the bass up to compensate for size/presentation. When the band gets crazy, it gets crazy in your room. It is the absolute pinnacle of solid state sound. If you don't want your speakers to growl, the tube sound will melt in your ears. Cheers, Mark.


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There is a pair of pmc aml1's for sale on audiogon, perhaps consider haggling with them and spending a little extra to do it right the first time. I'm positive the pmc is a better speaker, the focal has a very tight, accurate rolloff at 40 hz, by it's design, which is great, but won't satisfy in the long run, not like the gradual rolloff at 33 hz with the pmc design. You might think those extra 7-8 hz. aren't worth it, which is valid as well. Good luck.


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I went the pro audio route myself, just finished auditioning the Focal Twin 6Be's vs the Adams P33a active monitors and for DAC's the E-MU 0404 USB, the RME FireFace 400 and the Weiss Minerva, for 30 days.


I went for the RME FireFace + Focals. The Focals have their ports at the front, they are designed for near/midfiels situations where you need to place them close to a wall.


Anyway, the Focals are wonderful, especially mids and highs. They shine with vocals and acoustics. However despite their 40 Hz low I'm still finding response down there limited. I'm going to audition the matching Focal Sub. I won't hesitate to recommend the active monitor route though, you can really tell that six separate amplifiers, each matched to their own driver, with an active crossover gives you very controlled sound and in the case of the Focals this is integrated wonderfully in a seamless whole (the Adams were less integrated, bass seemed to stand a bit apart from the rest of the instruments and vocals were just not so engaging).


Hth, Vincent


VincentH, Pro Audio and Headphone enthousiast. Currently using Vista + Foobar + WASAPI bitperfect --> FireWire --> RME FireFace 400 DAC --> Vovox unshielded balanced XLR interconnects --> Focal Twin 6Be active monitors + Focal Sub6 active sub; Grado RA 1 + Grado RS 1; Etymotic ER-4P.

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Well since I started this thread there has never been a time when I have regretted going down the pro-audio route.


Having left the world of Audiophiles, tweaking this that and the other and spending obscene amounts of hard earned cash on cables, supports etc... well behind, I feel rather liberated. Its like the feeling of ditching a CD Player for bit perfect computer audio!


I still have my PMC AML1 speakers, but a move to a bigger room meant they struggled with the bottom end. Enter two PMC passive subs (with Bryston PowerPack amps added) and a Bryston external cross-over. This combo has brought me near to audio perfection in my view.


BUT, what has made the biggest improvement to sound has been my lengthy process of understanding and treating my room with acoustic treatments such as bass traps and diffusers.


For those who might be looking for possible active speakers can I take the opportunity to say have a look at Quested (I have no affiliation to these guys) speakers:




Especially the VS2108 near field monitors - these babies rock and in my view come close to the PMCs at half the price. I'd never heard of them until a pro audio buddy said take a look.


All the best,






Location: Manchester\'ish - UK. System: iMac, YellowTec PUC2 Lite, Genelec 7270A sub, 2 x 8240A monitors, a Drobo and Vovox cables.

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