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Modern Tannoy sound


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This one is a long shot, but let us give it a try.


I have a pair of Glenair 10s. I am considering Kensington GRs. Forget about an audition.


Whatever merits or deficiencies one may feel the Glenair possesses, they certainly are insightful and forward through the midrange. Yet, I often see Tannoys described as big and relaxed sounding. My question is should I consider the Glenair to be representative of the the modern Tannoy sound, and expect a similar presentation with the pepper pot enabled Kensignton? Do most models sound more alike, rather than different? They certainly load the driver rather differently in various models.

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Have you read Hi-Fi World's review ? Their :


As Tannoy continue to refine their Prestige Series loudspeakers they get ever more impressive. The new Kensington Gold Reference is a carefully balanced design suitable for medium-to-large rooms, where it will impress by dint of sheer impact. This is a loudspeaker you feel—as well as see. It is fabulously well engineered all round, with its big Dual-Concentric drive unit and lovely traditional cabinet. I did at times have the Kensingtons pumping out massive volume from our 80 Watt Quad valve amplifiers and loved every minute of it. They play from soft to Rock-Concert loud without difficulty, always sounding lively and engaging. And our new offices haven't been demolished I'm happy to say ! It's a pity the Kensingtons' price will exclude so many of us, because big loudspeakers like these are an experience worth having. I'll always love big Tannoys ; they sit in a world of their own. »




an accurate picture

Sono pessimista con l'intelligenza,


ma ottimista per la volontà.

severe loudspeaker alignment »




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