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Etta James - At Last 2016 Release

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I do not know it till now, but will buy it today. 'Don't Go to Strangers' is another great album of her at least - SQ wise it is great, too. But 24/44.1 'only'. :)


highresaudio.com offers the new one at a very interesting pricepoint.

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1. Etta Jones and Etta James are indeed two different ladies ;)


2. Back to topic:


foobar2000 1.3.8 / Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.1

log date: 2016-06-01 13:15:34



Analyzed: Etta James (feat. Harvey Fuqua) / At Last! [24/192]



DR Peak RMS Duration Track


DR8 -2.03 dB -12.42 dB 2:37 01-Anything To Say You're Mine

DR8 -2.10 dB -12.88 dB 3:03 02-My Dearest Darling

DR8 -1.56 dB -12.32 dB 3:00 03-Trust In Me

DR8 -1.95 dB -12.08 dB 3:17 04-A Sunday Kind Of Love

DR8 -0.68 dB -10.25 dB 2:27 05-Tough Mary

DR8 -1.73 dB -11.56 dB 3:07 06-I Just Want To Make Love To You

DR9 -1.55 dB -12.83 dB 3:01 07-At Last

DR9 -0.12 dB -11.85 dB 2:57 08-All I Could Do Was Cry

DR8 -1.36 dB -12.22 dB 3:08 09-Stormy Weather

DR9 -1.12 dB -11.74 dB 2:21 10-Girl Of My Dreams



Number of tracks: 10

Official DR value: DR8


Samplerate: 192000 Hz

Channels: 2

Bits per sample: 24

Bitrate: 3150 kbps

Codec: FLAC


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Doesn't look good compared to the 2 listings in the DR database. Those 2 are a little suspicious, though. DR 16 for 2010 "lossy" (?) from CD and 10 from 2010 CD lossless. I have a 1999 MCA/Chess CD (with the Bonus duets) but don't use / have Foobar to run the DR numbers.

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