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Need help running Airport and ethernet concurrently on MacBook Pro


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I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this.


My music server is a headless XP machine. It is located too far from any LAN ports and I don't want to install wireless in it. Therefore I am controlling it with Remote Desktop Connection from my MacBook Pro using a crossover cable. This works fine as long as I have Airport turned off. As soon as I turn Airport on, which I'd like to do for wireless Internet access, the remote desktop connection is dropped. Is there anyway I can configure things so both work at the same time?


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Thanks for the response. I’m afraid this is another opportunity for me to lament the fact that I know so little about networking! Let me tell you what I do know:


On the Ethernet port I have set the IP address to on the mac and on the PC. The Subnet Mask on both is The “router” and “default gateway” are also the same on both machines:


On Airport I am using DHCP. My IP address is, subnet mask is, and router is


I hope this helps.




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