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Here is something I was thinking about this morning. As you know I do allot of work with musician's here recording modifing equipment they use, guitar amps, preamps etc...


The Ultimate Download service should receive all of it's material digitally from the group as master files let's say. We have found that multiples of 44.1 to be the best avenue. Therefore we record at 88.2/24 typically but sometimes 176.4.


Ok these files sit as PCM masters at the site. You select the song to buy and the format. The computer converts the Master File to the Output File for download and sends it too your computer.


This is the way it should be.


BUT!! One problem before we start. There needs to be better and more consistent encoding and decoding of files. Like standard DLL or whatever that everyone uses. This is something that needs to be done first.


Anyone can steal this model if they like :) would not be the first time.





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I can't wait for the day something like this is reality. I would literally be broke.


If I follow your concept correctly, the site would host the 24/88.2 - 176.4 music. If the user wants to download the AIFF at the native resolution they would get it. If the user wants an ALAC version the site would convert it and then send it down to the user.


This is where your problem comes into play. If we all used the same standard for encoding and decoding wouldn't that hurt innovation, like forcing everyone to use the same CD player? Maybe I'm missing it here :-)


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