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Affordable CD Ripping / FLAC Encoding Service

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I recently came across this great service at a great price. As of today I haven't used this service, but it looks like there have been many happy customers. If you have used this service please let us know about your experience.


From: [email protected]

"For almost 3 years now I have been encoding and ripping Audio Circle member’s music collections to FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) so that they can have their entire CD collection in a bit-perfect digital format that is future proof and allows them to take a step towards some of the newer front ends like the Squeezebox and the Olive line of devices. Bit-perfect copies of your music sound better in most cases than the original CD's and are WAY more conveinent to manage.


I offered this service for free for the AC community but now I have decided to turn it into a side business and try to raise a little extra money to help pay off some medical bills. I realize that there are a lot of companies out there who will rip your collection to FLAC for you but they are usually expensive, lack that personal touch and make it difficult for you to organize and maintain your music collection in the future as you buy/rip new CD's.


So why should you choose me to rip your CD collection?


1. TRUST! I have countless AC members who can vouch for my ripping services and I have ripped collections in size from 200 – 2200 CD’s.


2. ALL INCLUSIVE! Most companies who offer FLAC as an encoding option usually don’t tag your music. My ripping services are all inclusive and tagging is done at no additional charge. Each song will be tagged with Artist, Title, Track #, Album Artist and in some cases Genre and Release Year to allow for easy indexing.


3. TIME & DATA RECOVERY! I currently have close to 4000 CD’s already ripped to FLAC in my archive. This allows me to dramatically speed up the time it takes to get your collection into digital format. The DB is stored offline and for archival purposes only. If you ever lose your collection you can just ship another drive to me and I will be able to restore your collection free of charge.


4. COVER ART! As an extra free service I rip all CD’s to individual folders and then take the time to locate the CD cover art for each album. No other ripping company provides this service for free (if at all).


5. PRICE! Pricing is tricky but according to my research the average ripping cost is right around $1-$1.50 per CD and that doesn’t include tagging, cover art and organizing. In some cases if you want your collection encoded into FLAC it costs extra. My ripping charge is .50 cents per CD and you get everything included.


6. ACCURACY! I only use Plextor drives and the latest version of Plextools Premium and EAC to ensure your music is ripped accurately.


7. SUPPORT! I will help you configure your hardware and maintain your music library so that you can rip future CD's on your own.



STORAGE - You can provide your own external hard drive or purchase one directly from me at cost. I do offer the option of burning your collection to DVD’s but there is a surcharge of 20% of the total order to cover the cost of the blank DVD's and the additional time (i.e. a $300 order would be an additional $60 to burn a backup of your music library on to DVD's).


PAYMENT/CONTACT INFO - I am an 8 year verified paypal member and will gladly accept credit card payments. You can send me a private message here on AC but due to mailbox limits the best way to reach me is via email at [email protected]. If you prefer a more personal touch you can PM me and I will gladly provide my phone # to answer any questions/concerns you may have.


SHIPPING - Feel free to use the shipping carrier of your choice however I would suggest not shipping large boxes via USPS (US Mail) if it can be avoided. I have good contacts with the local UPS office and the hub is right down the road from my house in case of any problems. UPS and FedEx are generally cheaper than USPS for bigger packages and thier tracking capabilities are much better. I only charge you for actual return shipping/packing costs (or closely estimated) and the prices are not inflated. The price you pay to ship it to me is what it will cost for me to ship it back to you.


PACKING - While spindles can be a safe way to ship CD's if packed right, there is really no subsitution for a quality CD case. If you need a decent quality CD case, you can get some at www.supermediastorage.com and its hard to beat thier prices. A 416 CD capacity case is about $20 shipped here.


In order to qualify for any insurance claims in the rare event that something gets damaged during shipping, please remember to have at least 2" of packing material on all sides of your CD's. Keep in mind that packing peanuts do not always qualify as acceptable packing material for insurance claims if the box is packed loosely. When in doubt, take it to a shipping center and have them pack the box for you, that way you can be sure your claim won't be denied.


In the end, there are a few things I would like to mention to save everyone (including myself) some headache.


If you have not taken care of your CD’s then do not ask me to rip them. A damaged CD can take hours on hours to rip and I do not have the time nor the desire to do that. Slightly damaged, marred or dirtys CD's can be polished and cleaned in some cases but if there is an excess in the amount of cleaning/polishing I have to do, I will charge accordingly.


Classical/Foreign music is harder to accurately tag and harder to find cover art for. If you’re collection consists of a lot of classical music then please allow extra time for ripping. If you want your CD’s ripped overnight then please look elsewhere. I am a family man and family comes first. Ripping is a PART-TIME service and it is only something I do in the evenings and weekends. I am very proficient at ripping CD's and while I can rip most collections in less time than the large companies offer, if you are on a strict time schedule then I may not be your best bet."



- Chris

Computer Audiophile | Turn Down The Silence





Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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