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Audio optimizer core mode processes


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I'm keen to know whether AO can be set to run in core without any server process....such as group policy etc...without shutting down.


Like completely vanilla with only the audio process. In my case will be


Music player

Asio driver



Currently I have a win7 setup with fidelizer free version running on safe mode.


Without the dllhost , explorer and ctfmon I've effectively 19 processes running including my audio requirement. File output is typical of cdp of 1-3k price range with noisy psu, standard lappy and without preamp.


If such were possible I really want to try the server edition


Perhaps a great idea to implement too since core mode means a non functional pc for a true audio player


My complete set would end with

Elfidelity gears

Ppa v3

Ppa cpu oxco


Fidelizer ultimate or pro lasso

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