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CAPSv4 Pipeline with HDPlex Power Supply

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I've upgraded so my CAPSv4 Pipeline with HDPlex Power Supply, purchased late April 2015 from Small Green Computer, is for sale. This is a great sounding great performing music server. Works absolutely fine. I have used it with both JRiver Media Center and Roon (you have to download and buy wither of these music software packages separate from buying this CAPSv4 Pipeline).

My purchase price was $2,800 plus $73 shipping. This is the latest CAPS music server and is till sold by Small Green Computer. Asking $2,000. This is a once in a lifetime bargain - I've never seen a CAPSv4, especially one built and sold by Small Green Computer, for sale here. Comes with Windows 8.1 Pro installed (with latest updates) and optimized for music playing by Small Green Computer. For the next few months if you want you can download from Miscrosoft the upgrade to Windows 10 at no cost, if you want it. HDPlex power supply includes 4 power cables and power cord.


Chris Connaker CAPS Computer Audiophile


"The C.A.P.S v4 (Computer Audiophile Pocket Server) was designed by Computer Audiophile author and computer audio expert Chris Connaker to be the ultimate small, noiseless, Windows-based music server.Chris talks about the C.A.P.S v4 design in his blog:Computer Audiophile - Computer Audiophile Pocket Server C.A.P.S. v4 PipelineChris has instructions for building the C.A.P.S v4 in his article. For audiophiles that don't want to build the C.A.P.S themselves, Small Green Computer has built the C.A.P.S for you.Our C.A.P.S v4 Pipeline build includes:

  • Fanless design
  • Noiseless, no extra sound in your listening room
  • SOtM tX-USBexp precision oscillator USB card
  • Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
  • 16 GB memory
  • Intel Xeon Processor for high CPU usage playback such as up-sampling or digital room correction
  • 120GB SAMSUNG 850 Pro SSD drive + SATA filter
  • 100W Linear power supply (110v/220v Works in any country)
  • Small size 17.5" x 12.6" x 4.4" (W x D x H)"

CAPSv4 Front.JPG


Pwr Supply Front.JPG

Pwr Supply Rear.JPG

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