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50 years ago Bod Dylan went electric


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Bob Dylan and the Manchester Free Trade Hall 'Judas' show



Fifty years ago, Bob Dylan was at the centre of a storm, with arguments raging on both sides of the Atlantic about whether his decision to play electric sets meant he had sold out his folk roots.



The controversy began at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival in the US, where he was booed when he played electric and it came to a head, unexpectedly, towards the end of his 1966 world tour at a concert in Manchester on 17 May.

Frustrated by what he was hearing, one man decided to vent his fury as the sound ebbed before Dylan's final song of the set with a heckle that has become one of the most famous in musical history.

He shouted a single word - "Judas".

Musician and author Dr CP Lee was in the crowd that night and has since written a book about the world tour.

He says it has been "reckoned to be one of the pivotal moments in popular music in the 20th Century, on a par with the riot at Stravinsky's Rite of Spring in Paris".[/i]



continues here:



Bob Dylan and the Manchester Free Trade Hall 'Judas' show - BBC News





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Everyone forgets that before Dylan was a folkie, he played in rock bands growing up.

My guess: as soon as the Beatles arrived he knew, on the inside, that he would be playing rock again.

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The sense of entitlement that accompanies this kind of self-righteous outrage has always been a mystery to me.
Right! You would think that they are politicians.

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