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I submitted a new thread early this AM on the networking streaming page please read it there or tell me how transfer it to this section, if possible as it is quite lengthy

It really belongs on on SOFTWARE



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Since Chris is probably overseas or on a plane, why don't you just repost the msg from the Networking section here?



Listening Room: Mac mini (Roon Core) > iMac (HQP) > exaSound PlayPoint (as NAA) > exaSound e32 > W4S STP-SE > Benchmark AHB2 > Wilson Sophia Series 2 (Details)

Office: Mac Pro >  AudioQuest DragonFly Red > JBL LSR305

Mobile: iPhone 6S > AudioQuest DragonFly Black > JH Audio JH5

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You can also try cut and paste.


[h=2]audirvana plus 2.5 vs roon/roon + hqplayer[/h]

I just purchased A+2.5

I do not have any dsd recordings or dsd DAC-(gungnir pre-multibit)

The SQ for A+ is excellent but i have no idea what is the 'optimal' settings for A+ie Audio 'filters','volume'&'units' can anyone help/suggest? especially sample rate conversion advanced parameters and what do i choose under forced upsampling and what do i choose or not choose under signal polarity

I think the ability to have both TIDAL and Qobuz at my finger tips is great(in A+) but i have to turn the volume way up on my avr even with the 'dither' volume control way up on A+ why is this?i don't have to do this on ROON

what is/are the best choices under audio volume control/dithering etc

I tried using audio controls effects and everything 'dulled' and i had to play with all those different graphs so I didn't use them-who has the time and patience to do that? are there optimal 'general' settings if I do use them? to me it is much too tedious

I have also found that 'separation' in A+ is less than good than on ROON there seem to more sound from my left speaker than right( i have them toed in and bottoms elevated and if I sit in center the sound comes from all around and from behind me with ROON not so with A+

I have also tried the trial for HQPlayer but am totally confused by all the different setting is it worth the $ if i cannot do dsd or will it improve SQ separation etc if i just listen to HiRes downloads plus TIDAL and Qobuz-it sounded much better than ROON alone when streaming TIDAL or my 29000 iTunes library

I just want the best SQ/separation/clarity as easily as possible and just do not have the time to 'play' with all these different choices on A+ and HQplayer

All three are much better and less 'buggy' than Amarra sQ+/PureMusic

Please do not accuse me of being 'lazy'/not being adventurous I just don't have the time- am a full time country 'doc' and full time state prison 'doc' caring for the oldest sickest inmates in a hospital/nursing home setting and have 2 school districts and a federal police force i care for and I just want the best SQ least fatiguing music when I have to spend my entire weekends putting office visits in my electronic medical records! Or having a NUB cigar and 16 yo lagaveulin(neat with a splash)

I love all the above products just need the 'best/'optimal settings for them

system is 2013 mac mini i7 16gb RAM USB out to 2013 Schiit Gungnir and Schiit magni with Sennheiser 595's and old Yamaha rx-v2500 in a 7.1 speaker set up(Kloss's CambrdigeSoundWorks speakers towers, satellites(multi directional) and model 6's and enjoy using/trying neo2 and pl2 music settings and roxy theater/bottom line settings but mostly listen in 2 channel and 7.1

hope to hear from somebody thanks in advance


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