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Prefered way of using iDSD Micro...

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So guys the swissknife of all dacs can do all formats all resolutions etc....

The question is what do you prefer?

Bit perfect?

PCM upsampling? Up to 384? Higher?

DSD upsampling? 2x? 4x?


Anyway you get the picture....

Is there a technical "more right" way for the iDSD especially?


Lets talk about it!

Mac Mini with JRMC26 or Audirvana  / Raspberry4B_4GB(GentooPlayer_LMS) / Raspberry Rpi3B+: Allo DigiOne(GentooPlayer) - M2Tech Evo DAC Two Plus/iPurifier2 - Schiit Vali 2 - Densen DM20pre/30pwr amps - Spendor SP2/3E, Sennheiser HD600 & HD25Aluminum - Audeze Sine

Cables: Vovox, DIY, Furutech. 

Portable sources: iPad, DELL Laptop with JRiver MC26

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